Booster Bar

Firm Booster         $15+
Fight the signs of aging with natural skin plumpers like hyluronic acid and Acai berry for a firmer, more youthful looking complexion.

Calm Booster         $15+
Naturally calm the appearance of Rosacea and reduce inflammation with soothing arnica, Rosehip, and Ivy.

Clear Booster         $15+
Clarify and refine skin with active ingredients like willow bark, horsetail, and tea tree to ease the signs of acne.

Bright Booster        $15+
Lighten and prevent pigmentation naturally and soothing stone crop, licorice, African potato and lemongrass.

Jalapeno Booster    $15+
Detoxify and brighten skin with highly stimulating jalapeno, cinnamon and nettle.